New Removable Camera Mount for Surfboards Captures Unique On-Board Surf Footage

Delkin Devices, a tech company traditionally known for designing innovative equipment for professional photographers, has launched a new camera mount for the surfing community dutifully named the “Fat Gecko”. The removable dual suction mount attaches to any smooth non-waxed area of a surfboard to capture video footage or snapshots from a unique on-board angle. Depending on how the adjustable knuckles are positioned, the camera or camcorder can be set up to face inward on the surfer or outward to capture what the surfer sees during a set.

“It’s really amazing what this mount can stand up to in the surf,” reports Delkin Product Manager, Anna Lopez. “During initial testing we attached a leash to the mount just in case it became detached through duck dives or a wipe out, but after a few hours of uninhibited riding we realized our concerns weren’t at all necessary. This thing really stays put.”

The Fat Gecko attaches to a surfboard through two powerful locking suction cups, and has four adjustable knuckles to enable 360 degree tilt, turn and rotation. Unlike other on-board surf cam set-ups, the Fat Gecko utilizes a universal ¼” tripod mount so that it can be used with virtually any digital camera or camcorder – no proprietary equipment needed. After a surf session, the Fat Gecko can be quickly removed from the board by simply flipping two tabs and pulling a release on the suctions. Since the mount doesn’t use any adhesive or mounting hardware, there is no residue or damage left behind on the board’s surface.

The Fat Gecko has been tested with cameras and camcorders weighing up to ten pounds, which covers the majority of models on the market for consumer use. Ruggedized lightweight construction ensures that the mount won’t crack, bend, rust or break during use, even in the most epic surfing conditions. At a mere 1.4lbs, the Fat Gecko (even with a small camera attached) won’t interfere with board ride-ability or stability.

For those wanting to get their hands on one to try out at their local surf break, the Fat Gecko is available for purchase at an array of digital camera stores and surf shops for $89.99, or at the company’s website, Delkin has also set up a dedicated site, where surfers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, motocrossers, mountain bike riders and more can submit their own footage of the Fat Gecko in use to share with others.